About Us

Who we are
Agapo is a full service fashion company located in the trendy neighborhood of Chelsea in New York City. We have been catering to the fashion needs of brands and retailers for the past 30 years, providing design, production and distribution – all customized for each client.

Our global clientele include some of the most recognized brand names and retailers today; and our flexibility allows us to service the full spectrum of retail channels; from luxury brands to private label to catalogues as well as smaller retailers and now to corporate & healthcare clients as well.

About the Factory
Alongside Agapo is its sister company, Neetee, the manufacturing arm, located outside New Delhi, India. Neetee is a true vertical operation owning its manufacturing facilities in India as well as sourcing through partner factories throughout India as well as the Asia / Pacific Region. Our captured production base allows us the flexibility in both product diversity and pricing, giving us the ability to cater to a spectrum of client needs.

Our facilities are fully compliant with the requirements of the local laws applicable to the given country and meet all the stringent requirements of our customer base. Further, our core operations are fully certified as Organic Production Facilities and are able to deliver a Fully Organic Product.